Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Importance of Accessories

"Who wants to go for a walk?"


"I do!"

Good. Me too. We were all kinds of ready for a change in the routine, and I thought a walk around the neighborhood might break the tedium of our afternoon.

"Shoes on, everybody!"

Moments later, two boys returned downstairs, wearing snowboots.

Nope. Try again.

Tuck returned with his Lightning McQueen Crocs, a much more reasonable choice. Tyler, on the other hand, was whole-heartedly committed to the giraffe galoshes.

Whatever. Let's go.

I took a picture of him parading ahead of me down the sidewalk, with the mental note: I'll write about choosing my battles and letting him wear those silly little boots. And does he ever look silly. Adorable, but silly.

But just then, we rounded the corner and happened on to the most glorious puddle. It was begging for splashers. I promise you.

And who was most prepared for such an adventure? Tyler. With his giraffe galoshes.

Thankfully Tuck had chosen a less conspicuous waterproof footwear, so he didn't miss a drop.

I take it all back, kiddo.
Great choice.


My name is Stephanie said...

This makes me think that it's so cool how God encourages us to make a decision that seems illogical at the time. Then we realize it was the best decision we could have ever made given the future circumstances!

Alli said...

Stephanie: That is a great comment!

Tricia: I just love everything about you and your boys. And also, not silly. CUTE. (Please save those for MJ.) Wait. Would they fit me?

Tricia said...

Stephanie, great insight. I agree entirely.

And A, galoshes are yours. Or his. You can choose. :)