Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Racing Down a Mountain!

Today's high altitude adventure: An Alpine Slide.

If you've never had the unique pleasure, an alpine slide is an experience of its own. You ride a chairlift to the tippy top of a mountain, board a sled-like cart, and careen down the side of the mountain in a half-pipe chute.

Pretty stellar. And, it turns out, you are allowed to take passengers.

Who are free of charge under the age of seven.

First of all, the task of riding a mile high chairlift with a two-year-old and no seatbelts or even a lowered bar... well, it is not for the faint of heart. Everybody, hold on tight.

Robb carried our sleds for us, since they were taller than the boys,

and I was of course busy taking pictures.

And finally, after brief instructions by a granola-loving college student who spends his days in a coveted spot, we were off!

First, Tucker rode with me.

And then Tyler rode with me.
And halfway down the mountain, he shouted,
"Mommy! Be careful with me!"

As if I could ever, to the end of my days, imagine anything else.

He loved it.
And let the record show, Daddy drives a better Alpine sled than I do. Much faster, so I hear.

That's why every boy needs a dad.

We are the courageous four who braved the fastest alpine slide ever.

And we'd do it again.

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my3boys said...

oooooh! I LOVE alpine slides. I like to go fast too, and I have real live scars to prove it! :)