Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pickle Pizza

Tucker has confused the names for pepperoni and pickles. He thinks the red circles on his pizza are pickles, and I think that's a great mistake. "Ew. I don't like pickles." (Which is an articulation upgrade from what he used to say: "Ew. I no yike pickles.") He plucks them off and tosses them at Tyler, who gobbles them down.

Someday, I should correct him. Or else he'll be out with his buddies after a game, and they'll say, "Hey, Tuck, what do you like on your pizza?"

"Anything but pickles, dude. I hate pickles on my pizza."

And they'll think, "Right. So do we. And we can't think of anyone in the world who likes them. Let's get pepperoni."

Woefully disappointed, Tuck will be faced with an awkward social setting. In a real pickle, if you will. I sure can't let that happen. Someday, I'll coach him on such things. But for now, I'm riding it out. Extra pickles, please.

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