Monday, August 10, 2009

Friendship 101.

Tyler makes a friend everywhere we go, but he has yet to master the skill of learning someone's name. He just acquires them into his world of friendship, and he assumes the details will take care of themselves.

"Mommy, look at her. She's my friend."

"Well, she seems like a very nice girl. What's her name?"

"I don't know. But I like her."

We're working on that next step. Meanwhile, they play and play, anonymously.

On the other hand, Tucker has a different strategy for his newly acquired friends.

"Mommy, he's my friend."

"Oh, yeah? What's his name?"


"Really? Is that really his name?"

"No, I made that up. Hey, Jason, want to play with me?"

And 'Jason' comes to play.

It's an interesting strategy, this social networking plan of theirs.

Friendship 101: When meeting a new friend, look closely at his face and decide what name he looks like. Give him this name, and forever call him as such. Refuse to believe otherwise.

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my3boys said...

Both methods are nicer than Lucas':
Hey! Hey kid! Hey, you...kid in the green goggles!

This happened in the hotel pool just yesterday. I should have hid behind my sunglasses and pretended like he wasn't mine, but instead I gasped in shock and said, "LUCAS!"