Friday, August 7, 2009

Learning Curve

Tyler has suddenly revealed a lot that has been happening in his little red head.

* * *

Yesterday, he pointed to the picture he was coloring and said, "T-Y! It says T-Y!"

"What does T-Y say?" I asked.
"That's me!"
(Never mind that his hat says Robby. It's an antique from his daddy's early years as a fan of Mickey Mouse. Tyler found the heirloom souvenir, and he has been wearing it everyday for a week. People at the grocery store have actually called him Robby.)

* * *

Today, as he was eating a graham cracker, he took two separate bites out of the top half, one bite out of the middle of the bottom half, and then held it up to me. "Look, Mommy. It's a W."

Indeed it was.

* * *
In the car tonight, he counted to twelve. (He counted a little past, actually, but I'm not sure I can count numbers called 'forty-teen' or 'niff.')

* * *

And this one is simultaneously my favorite and the most puzzling.

"Hi, Mommy. Senorita."
I did a double take. "Did you just say Senorita?"
"Si. Si. Si, Senorita."
(Did my two-year-old just speak in Spanish? Dora is a faithful character on his yogurt cup, but he hasn't ever seen her show among the scads of TV favorites.)

* * *
Not sure what he had for breakfast (perhaps he was on to something with those 'Einstein Cheerios!'), but it's coming together up there. Quite nicely.

Don't be deceived. He's busy thinking.


Kathryn said...

Handy Manny, Senorita!

Tricia said...

[Gasp!] I bet that's it! Handy Manny is a favorite around here. Of course. Why didn't I think of that?!