Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ear Wax

"Mommy, I gave my ear wax to Bummy."

Bummy is Tyler's Build-a-Bear from Tucker's fourth birthday. Tucker named his panda 'Dennis'; Tyler named his bear 'Bummy.'

For a split second, I thought about talking him out of it. Bummy? We're going to say this word a lot at our house... are we sure we want to stick with Bummy?

But then I thought, of course, we do. It's endearing. Bummy. Plus, Tyler declared his beloved bear's name when he was two. And that's even better.

Back to the ear wax.

"What is ear wax, Tyler?"

This is my trusty test: when he says something questionable or new, I ask him to define it. And then I know if we're really dealing with a new concept or just a new sound on his lips, a new vocabulary word.

"It's the sticky stuff in my ear that keeps it clean."

Well, he's clear on the meaning.

"I gave it to Bummy. I put it in his ear."

I laughed to myself. A very thoughtful gesture, suppose.

Tyler noticed that quiet laughter, his cue that he hit the humor target.

A few minutes later, he said, "Mommy, I'm going to make you laugh. Ready? Ear Wack."

Ear Wack. As in the singular of Wacks.

Apparently he gave Bummy some Ear Wacks. That's different. But only a little.


my3boys said...

Cute 4 year-old ear wack story. But what I read was, "Tyler is eager to make his mom smile." I love that you guys have each other to bring back the smiles.

Kelly Evans said...