Monday, May 9, 2011

Tyler is FOUR!

"Thank you, Jesus, for my birthday.
Thank you that I am four.
Thank you that I will go to Monkey Business today.

(This was the first mention of Monkey Business, and the day held no such plans.
He had only shared this dialogue with God, until this point.
Nonetheless, I believe he had a good day.)

The poor kid had to play soccer on his birthday.
But he perfected the art of running backwards and playing in the netting of the goal.

And between periods, he scored his very own goal on an empty field.
At least we know he gets the idea, even if he doesn't implement it for the sake of competition.
(I actually very much understand this way of thinking.)

His team serenaded him; his coach brought balloons.
He believed the game was entirely in his honor.

What is a birthday without Red Robin and bottomless fries, I ask you?

And of course, a DQ cake, presented fully and whole.
I didn't drop it this year.
We decided to change up the tradition a bit. :)

Tyler asked for a picture of Daddy at the table.
We chose the picture from Ty's first birthday.
Daddy loved birthdays.

We celebrated, honored, and finished the day.

And I waited until the very end to cry and long for the man I love.
He would have been enthralled with the race cars, Legos, birthday cake, and memories.
He did birthdays well.

And we made it through the first one without him.

For the record, this was my favorite gift Tyler opened.

Happy Birthday, Tyler,
my sparkling, bubbling, creative, funny, joyful,
singing, imagining, thinking, remembering,

Show me what four looks like, kiddo.
It's all yours. For a whole year.


Robin said...

You pulled it off, girl! I'm so proud of you :o) Asking Him to continue to fill, heal, and tenderly hold the gaping hole in your heart. Love you much. And happy birthday to that ADORABLE boy of yours!!

Majorsfam said...

Good job, Tricia! You did great!!!!!! He had an awesome birthday and Daddy was included. Good for you for taking the day to celebrate, AND for taking the time to cry! I'm sure you don't think so, but you really are doing a great job! And your 4 year old is ADORABLE!

jenny winstead said...

it looks like he had a good day. :) four is a fabulous age...

thewonderfulhappens said...

Love it. Your four year old boy just happens to look just like his mama!

Janeen said...

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Hugs & heartfelt good wishes (and kudos) Tricia. You made it over another hurdle - one by one will get it done.

You've been in my prayers, and those of many others, this weekend.

Laura said...

I love every word of this post. Tyler is four. Wow! Four!

Terry said...

what a fun day!
tricia, in the ninth picture in this beautiful post, tyler looks just like you, and in the thirteenth picture, he looks just like his daddy!....i just know he had a happy day! terry

Kathleen said...

Great job, Tricia!
I love the shirt, too.