Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sacred Hearts

Such heaviness they carry, so early in their lives, these little children of mine.

More than they can know,

they are learning that grief is part of life,

that God is faithful,

that his grace is sufficient,

that heaven is for real,

that there is life after loss,

that remembering is beautiful,

that sorrow and happiness, laughter and loss,

are sisters in the same house,

that there is room for both.

I worry about them,

their tender spirits,

their sacred hearts.

God, grant me wisdom,

that I may help them obey -

not just me -

but every authority in their lives,

even without their daddy's voice to say it is so.

Jesus, you are good,



full of mercy,

abundant in compassion,

fully ours.

Please claim their hearts,

these sweet young men.

Be my husband.

Be their father.

Give me wisdom.

Give them faith.

May they grow in wisdom and stature,

in favor among God and men.

You created them.

You love them.

You have entrusted them to me,

now me alone.

Give me wisdom, Jesus.

Claim their sacred hearts.


my3boys said...


txartist62 said...

tricia, i have only recently started following your blog. i found your link on a friend's blog and was riveted for hours....your incredible love story and tragic, unfair loss has really tugged at me and i know i will continue to follow your story. i pray for you and your beautiful boys. i can't begin to imagine what you've gone through, but your beautiful, insightful words (about your husband, your boys, your life then and now...) really hit home with me. i would hate to hear "everything happens for a reason" or other well-meaning comments....the fact of the matter is that it really stinks. you should have the love of your life to grow old
with...and your boys should be growing up with their dad. i
can only hope that time really does make the pain and loss easier to bear. your boys are so lucky to have a wonderful,
loving, fun parent to help and guide them and i have no
doubt, just from reading your words, that you will raise
them well. to know their dad. to know God. and to be
happy. i will continue to follow your blog, to think of you
and your boys, and to pray for healing and future joy in
your life. it probably seems impossible now, but i am
willing to bet that your family, your friends, your work, your
writing, and especially those 2 beautiful boys will help joy
inch its way through in your days. more and more. in the
meantime, keep writing....you are such a wise, inspiring,
thoughtful, witty (!) writer - even in this, your darkest time, it
really shines through. ~bobbi

Terry said...

oh tricia this is just like a psalm.
king david wrote at such times as these and "my3boys" ended it with her "amen"....god bless those two boys of yours and robbs'....love terry