Monday, May 9, 2011

A New Kind of Mother's Day

With help, the boys each completed a Picture List of things I Love About Mommy.

Their lists included, "I like when you take me to the beach," and "I like when you paint your nails blue and black." (I have never done either of these things. Nonetheless, these items made it on the list.)

They presented their gifts, hand-wrapped with no less than six feet of scotch tape.

(Any extra blogging points for featuring pictures of myself fresh out of bed?
I mean, really.)

My sweet boys. Their framed paintings.
We made it through the day. We did it.

And it only came to be with my amazing parents.... my amazing parents.

They planned the day - the flowers, the breakfast feast, the coffee, the muffins, the delectables, the framed paintings, the day of honor and celebrating.

Bonus: I got to spend the entire day with my mom. My mentor, my confidant, my lifeline, my friend. A whole day with my mom on Mother's Day.

We did it. All of us.

(Robb would have been pleased. It was his style of Mother's Day.)

Thanks, Mom and Dad.

And thank you, my invisible community,
for praying me through the weekend.

We did it.


Kyle Estepp said...

I Love you!

Penny said...

So glad to see the happiness on your face ~ and those precious little boys' as well. So thankful that you were able to celebrate Tyler and yourself this weekend. I can't think of two people that deserve it more. :)

Emily Kaye said...

Glad you were loved so well...and one million bonus points for posting pictures of yourself fresh out of bed!

Joline said...

Oh,your SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melinda Lillis said...

Beautiful! and you definently deserve a bucket full of points!!

Pamela Nees said...

It is true joy reflected in your faces. O how the heart needs joy.

And ah! A day with mom!

Majorsfam said...

Do YOU get blogging points for posting those photos? NOPE! Cos I think your parents and God should get points for how gorgeous you look, even fresh out of bed. Sounds like you had a lovely day!

The Kennedy Krew said...

Praise the Lord!!! What a beautiful picture of love...from your heavenly Father AND your precious parents! I'm so proud of you sweet friend!!

Linda said...

I wish I looked as good as you in the morning.. Girl you look hot. Happy Mother's day..

Terry said...

oh the WHOLE day was just so wonderful tricia...and the two treasures that your boys made for you...what could be better than THAT???..and topped off with TWO bouquets of flowers!
oh!.. what a rich lady you are tricia!
rich, blessed and loved!

Dawn said...

LOL still laughing about their lists..that is so funny!! glad they made your day so special!