Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not Everything is a Hand-Me-Down

It's springtime at our house... at least by the calendar.

And that means it's time to do a sort-and-purge of all the little boy clothes that have become too snug, too short, too tight, or too little.

As I sorted, I heard Robb in my head. A memory surfaced.

One day, I was tempted to put Tucker's outgrown underwear into Tyler's drawer. I mean, why not? They're in fine shape, we can get another year out of these, and it's not like I'm asking him to wear a dirty pair that his brother just cast aside.

Robb, careful with money and not prone to spending on needless things, nonetheless stopped me on that one.

"Tricia, promise me you'll never give Tyler his brother's hand-me-down underwear. Let's buy him new ones. A man should never have to wear another man's underwear."

(That last sentence is really a pretty good rule for living.)

Let's buy him new ones, he said. I believe we will.

Tyler, you have your daddy to thank for the new underwear.

(And FYI, kiddo, he called you a man. And you weren't yet three years old.)


Laura said...

Ok. So I think this is my favorite post of your entire blog.

Majorsfam said...

Tricia, this is too cute. Does he have a favorite character? Kids are so silly about underwear. I think your hubby is right, though, no one should have to wear underwear that someone else wore.... even if it's clean. When my oldest daughter asked for big girl underwear (with no characters), I took all her old ones and cute small squares and created a raggedy quilt style pillow for her to keep. It's such a soft pillow. My son's underwear are not nearly as soft. Why don't boys get soft undies?

Paula said...

I just read this to my son, who is home from college. He said his roommate asked to borrow underwear a couple times when he didn't have time to do laundry. Ewww! Ryan didn't have the heart to turn him down, but promptly threw it in the trash when it came back.

We've had some "discussions' about the appropriateness of purchasing swimsuits from the thrift store. According to my son, swimsuits fall into the same category. I thought for an adult this would be the case, but was surprised about his strong feelings about it, even as a little boy. Apparently there are some unalienable Man Laws involved.