Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

Tucker graduated from PreK this week. Complete with mortar board, tassle, diploma, and a sand pail filled with summer fun.

His class sang several songs on stage, and my personal favorite was Good Day, Sunshine. (I'm pretty sure that's the most perfect song to sing at a PreK graduation in springtime. Pretty sure.)

Tucker was very much his daddy on the stage. Uncomfortable in the spotlight, not especially fond of all the attention, committed to the task at hand, and absolutely against any songs with motions.

All the children around him waved and gestured their choreography at all the right times, creating sunshines with their arms. Tucker: No Go. He smiled and made eye contact with his audience, but he was not doing that.

I remember Robb telling me that he decided before kindergarten that he would have no more of organized choreography set to music. He simply chose not to. "Stand out like a sore thumb on stage? So be it. I'm not doing motions."

Turns out, Tucker has made the same choice.

At the cookie/lemonade reception after the ceremony, his teacher came to me.

She said Tucker had arrived at school and said, "I have to tell you something. My daddy won't be here today."

"That's okay, Tucker."

"My daddy died, Miss Cheryl."

"I know, buddy. And I'm so sad for you."

She said it was the first time he has talked about Robb at school, the first time he has said anything about this change in our family. He seemed to feel compelled to explain why his daddy wouldn't be in attendance on such an important day.

She said, "You know what, Tucker? I think he will be here today. I think he just might."

With tears in her eyes, she said, "Tricia, he's such a good boy. Such a good boy."

He sure is.

A good boy with a diploma.


hdmt704 said...

Ollie is against pretty much all singing, but he loves to listen to music. There is definitely no group choreography for this kid either. It'll be interesting to see how things go at his Pre-K graduation in June.

I absolutely love reading your blog, Tricia. I always have. I may not comment much, but know that I'm reading and sending love and prayers your way always!

Kathleen said...

He may not have been following the motions, but I can tell he was still taking his role seriously--not trying to steal the show or to hide. I like how his teacher described him.

Renea Flaishans said...

I am sure he was there Tucker, you just couldnt see him buddy <3

Claire said...

I love how Tucker knew that his dad would have been there if he could; he remembers his dad's character and learned from Robb that the most important thing we do is to be there for each other. Hand motions are overrated anyway, Tucker :)

Stephanie said...

wow; what a gift that his teacher shared that with you! continually praying for you all!

Terry said...

he IS a good boy tricia and he looks so much like his daddy!
tricia...he is such a lucky little guy too..that you are always there in the audience.
bernie and i never could have children but it never stopped me from loving other people's kids.
one time a twelve year boy asked me to his 13th birthday and it was a real riot...a thirty year old lady being with a party of little boys!
one of the little boys asked me if i could come and see his christmas concert and so i did!..his mother, for some reason couldn't come.
for sure, and she really missed out!
when the little man stood on the stage amidst a crowd of children, i could see his eyes roving through the crowd of adults and suddenly they lighted on me and he smiled!
oh tricia, i thought my heart would burst with joy and yet i had a little sadness too as i wondered how in ever could his mama have missed out coming to see her sweet child!
tricia that was almost thirty years ago and i still hold the sweetness of it in my heart and so ever so often, i pull it out and reminisce .....
tricia, i so enjoyed this terry

Erica said...

You're doing an amazing job Tricia. Both you and Robb are. In your places, each of you still guiding your boys. Much love.