Monday, January 2, 2012


The smallest things matter most.

Small signs of friendliness can create so much joy,
while small interpersonal tiffs can cause so much distress.

My friend Henri said, "The great events of the day, the newspaper headlines, the things happening across the world, these things rarely touch me as deeply as the smallest gestures that create my world.  An unexpected note from a friend or the passing remark from a neighbor can make or break my day emotionally."

What is easier than writing a thank you note,
sending a card to say hello,
or shooting an email to see how things have been?

Still, every time someone says,
"Thanks for writing that, Tricia,"
"Your words helped me today,"
"Let me tell you something I remember about your husband,"
"I appreciate you,"
it seems that I can feel the sun shining directly onto my broken heart, mending my seams.

How amazing that, in God's grandeur,
he still created the smallest things in life to change my heart so much.

The path to the heart is quiet and gentle, sacred and precious.  These are the linchpins of life. 

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Sarah said...

I wish I could count how many times your blog has been the springboard for my sermon for the week--something you say gives me some idea of what needs to be said to the group of people I serve. Or something you share gives me an insight into the lives of those who grieve, working mothers, etc. Thank you for your words that bring alive the fruits of the spirit.