Friday, January 27, 2012

Names Shmames

I really don't remember whose name I said.  I thought I said Tyler's name.  But they heard differently.

Anyway, it went down like this.

"(Insert son's name), would you please get us some napkins for the dinner table?"

"Nope," said Tyler.

I set down my fork.  I look at my youngest offspring.

"Tyler, after I fixed this meal for you, it is respectful to say thank you and to do what I ask you to do."

Tyler says, "You asked Tucker to do it."

"No, I asked you to do it."

My mom whispers from her end of table, "I heard you say Tucker."

"You did, Mommy.  You said, 'Tuuuuuuccker!'"  he mimics in a sing-song voice.  I'm most sure I didn't say it that way.

I then notice that Tuck is no longer at the table, but he is getting napkins for each of us.  Because apparently I asked him to, and apparently he is obeying.

"Thank you, Tucker.  And Tyler, if I had asked you to do it, then you would have obeyed, right?"


Then my point remains.

For crying out loud.


Jaimie said...

What I don't get is... if you had said Tucker the first time, why did Tyler respond with a "nope"? If you had said Tucker, and Tucker was off obeying... why would Tyler feel the need to randomly say "Nope"? See: that bolsters your case.

Penny said...

LOL My momma used to go down the list, "Penny, Bambi, Becky....You know what your name is." I was like Tyler, "Yes, but you don't." I still kid her about that, but now I do it. Even the grands get called by my youngest daughter's name sometimes. ;)

Patricia said...

Just wait sweetheart !! Those teenage years are coming.......