Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nothing to Filter

Bereavement and depression wear matching clothes, sometimes.  A good doctor can see the difference.  A good doctor can treat the depression and let the bereavement run its course.

A good doctor has the courage to say, "Yep.  That sounds about right.  What you're describing is normal.  There isn't a drug for that."

So the good news is that I am on track, I'm not regressing, and these hills and valleys are predictable on the invisible map.  The bad news is there is no way around this.

I think sadness is beautiful.  It's so pure.  There is nothing to filter - no anger, jealousy, deceit, insecurity, wrongful hurt.  There is simply sadness. 

It's a rare day when she travels alone, but the purity is worth the brief visit.


my3boys said...

I think YOU are beautiful.

Patty Kline said...

Beautifully said, Tricia. In a conversation with my older sister yesterday, she said she thought I could be depressed and might want to consider medication. I would if I needed it, but I told her I am not depressed, just still going through the grieving process. The only "down" things I told her were that I'd cried once on Christmas morning, once the next day after the kids and grandkids left, and cried the morning of New Years Day after I removed my wedding ring which I'd worn for over 35 years. I think I'm allowed some tears for all those things! I love what you said about sadness being so pure, and am so glad to hear your doctor thinks you are on track. You have a wonderful doctor.

Lindsey said...

Brief ....I pray the moment of purity was brief!! God Bless~Lindsey