Friday, March 11, 2011


I just learned that at its root meaning, the verb 'comfort' means 'together strengthened.'

I think that may be one of the most beautiful definitions, word pictures, and discoveries. Ever.

Together strengthened. This is comfort.

The very definition softens my heart.

(I love words.)


you are my (he)art said...

hi tricia,

you don't know me but i am friends with carolyn. i have been praying for you since december and just wanted to touch base with you. your names are written on my bathroom mirror and i do lift you up to the Father every day.


Penned Pebbles said...

Beautiful word and revelation! Peace and love!

Paige's Petals said...

I found your blog via a friend of mine who posted on her blog about your blog! ha!

My husband has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage IV. Your writing is inspiring and I find comfort in reading it. I find huge comfort in writing my own daily blogs as people follow our journey.

What a journey we are on, but at opposite ends now. What would I do without my loving God who carries me through this journey of many gifts called Cancer.


Terry said...

i love words too tricia, but i have never thought of looking for the realhidden meanings..
...thank you for taking the time to look "comfort" up and thank you for posting it...i will never think of the word comfort again, without thinking of you! terry