Thursday, March 3, 2011

Missing Ingredient

Hi, Trish,

I was just eating some french fries and thought to myself, "These need some ketchup. That'll complete the taste for me."

Then I thought the perfect duo of an Oreo with milk.

Then I thought of you. And Robb.

And as silly as it sounds, he was your ketchup. He was your milk.

The perfect complement of one to the other that, when combined, produces the best combination.

However, a french fry is not the only way to enjoy a potato... and there are certainly other ways to enjoy an Oreo. (Hello.... Dirt Dessert?!)

All of this to say, even though you truly feel that your other half is missing, it doesn't make you any less you.

It just means you're not a french fry anymore.

But you could be a damn good baked potato.

(my college roommate)


Melody said...

love it

thewonderfulhappens said...

or a tater skin, or a hash brown, or a tater tot for that matter. They're all damn good. Just like you.

Rex said...

I just found and watched Johnny the Bagger's video. That was dumb. I know how over active my tear ducts are. There is a certain image I try to project and tears running down my cheek kinda kills the image I try to project.

Mrs. MK said...

perfect! What a friend!

My name is Stephanie said...


My name is Stephanie said...
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boo4baby said...

Everyone needs a friend like that. Everyone needs a "Frodo" and it sounds like she is your Frodo.

darcie said...

I love this!
First of all - it's soo true! And adorable! And second of all - a true friend right there - one that is not afraid to 'talk about it' -
thinking of you -