Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One More Gift

In mid-December, a week before Robb died, he traveled to Dalls to attend a national training convention for the specialists in his field of leadership development.

He gave a coaching presentation including this video of Johnny the Bagger, and he encouraged the employees to 'leave their thumbprint of excellence' on everything they do.

They were impressed. (So am I.)

He was awarded "WOW Points" on the spot, a corporate bonus system allowing him the cash equivalent of $400.

He returned to his seat, and he said to his fellow trainer and good friend, "Sweet. I can get my wife and kids one more gift for Christmas."

(We were his first thought. Sweet. I can give more to them.)

I still remember his text from the airport: "Great trip, babe. On my way home, and I have big news for you. I love you."

With his bonus, he ordered a Wii for our family. He ordered it on December 21, and he said, "Okay, baby girl. Ordered. It takes 2-3 weeks to arrive, so keep an eye on the mailbox. Coming your way, babe. Watch for it."

Coming your way. Watch for it.

He died two days later.

The Wii arrived two weeks later.

"I can give my wife and kids one more gift," he said.

What a man you were, Robb Williford.


Stephanie said...

what a treasure!

thewonderfulhappens said...

what a gift he was!

Anne said...

I watched the video about Johnny the Bagger, too. It is so touching. And Robb lived his life the same way--always finding a way to make a difference. He was one gift to the world that will always be treasured.


Tricia, I came to your blog just recently (end of last year) so I am going back now and getting caught up. Just finishing up 2007. I am enjoying watching your boys grow up. Good memories. Glad for their sakes that you captured them.

Penned Pebbles said...


Terry said...

oh tricia..what a priceless gift!