Thursday, March 3, 2011

On Your Mark, Get Set...

"Mommy, let's have a race."

"Okay, Tuck. Where's the finish line?"

"The end of the sidewalk. And you have to carry Tyler."

What? What's this about? My somebody-please-put-me-on-a-team athletic son can run circles around me, I've just committed to a competition, and he just asked me to carry the 31-pound counterpart.

"Ready, Mommy? Go!"

He started running. Not to be outdone, I scooped Tyler onto my hip, and we chased him.

Run, run, run.

Tucker won.

"Let's do it again."

"Deal. Go!"

Run, run, run.

Tucker won. Three more times.

But Tyler laughed. And so did I. And so did Tuck.

We climbed into the car and put on our seatbelts, and Tyler said, "Whew. I'm tired. That was a lot of running."

I bet you're worn out, kiddo. I'm sure it's a lot of work to be carried in a four-lap race.


Jaimie said...

Haha! I love this story. Your kids are adorable. (I've been shadowing your blog recently. Hi!)


You should record our comments instead of having us type them. Then you'd get to hear all our chuckles, laughs, and guffaws.

Terry said...

dear tricia...i know that you are their mother but boy! are as good as any older sister!!!! terry

my3boys said...

I love this post. You know why? I love it because it sounds lighthearted. I love that your heart felt light, and that you were able to hold onto that feeling long enough to write about it. May God continue to bless you with more, and longer, moments like this for you and your boys.