Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight Savings

It's odd to realize, but I've never changed a clock in our house. I never, ever have.

Robb was always keenly aware of the tasks to be completed, and we often teased that he had the 'shortest to-do list' of any man on earth. If something needed done, he did it. Cross it off the list. Done. Clean slate.

This most especially applied to the practices of Daylight Savings. He changed every clock in our home, with no help from me - and he was so intense about the task that he started 12-24 hours in advance.

Which means I spent 12-24 hours with no clarity of which clocks had been changed or what time it really was. Because, by golly, he was on it.

(This semi annual routine led to many half-serious arguments - "Could you please wait until bedtime to do this? Please? I have no blessed idea what time it is. All the livelong day, no idea.")

And so now it's my job. And so far, the only clocks that have been changed are the digital by my bed (because I needed one resource to help me wake up on time) and the wall clock in the kitchen (because my mom did it for me). And for crying out loud, we have at least a dozen more in the house.

Guess I better get on that, then.

The truth is, I'll probably spend the next six months mentally reminding myself that the clock in the van is an hour behind.

(That man took very good care of me. The word 'spoiled' comes to mind.)


winstead family said...

it's the little things we so take for granted. sending a special prayer your way as you find your "new normal."

Cristi said...

Once again, ME TOO. (He does the clocks. Never touch em, dont know how to set em...) I use my cell.

Pamela said...

So true. My hubby is like that too. I rarely have to touch a clock and don't wear a watch.

Monica said...

How wonderful to remember those funny things about our husbands ~ I laughed out loud picturing you trying to figure out what time it was! So many long to be loved in the way Robb loved you. You are a blessed woman indeed, and I know you know this already. May the clocks be gracious to you and grant you favor.
; ]

Jodi said...

I so relate to this one. One year, I never DID get around to changing my car clock, so I felt so on top of things when the time changed again and nothing had to be done. One girl came to work today on time w/o even KNOWING about the time change because her i-phone had updated automatically...
you're a step ahead of that, my friend!

Bonnie said...

My hubby is good about that too. I am spoiled as well. This is a wonderful reminder for me today not to take him too much for granted! Thank you.

Noel said...

Ah, luckily I handled the clocks. However, he always did all the grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking, so I've had a year and a half of lean cuisine, (and I know how to cook, I'm just unable to bring myself to cook with his stuff) and it's finally getting old, maybe I'll finally grow up and handle it. Be brave, sweet girl. You can do this.