Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Proposal

Twelve years ago, Robb asked me to marry him. Twelve years ago, this weekend, actually.

Happy engagement anniversary to us.

Can I tell you how he asked me? Because I love this story.

Here's what happened first, five years before that.

The summer before I started high school, my dad chose an epic path to launch me into this next life stage: the stage of boyfriends, dating, values, priorities, and life decisions.

He took me out on a 'first date.'

We marked the calendar, I got a new outfit for the big event, and on the night of, my sweet dad left the house so he could then arrive and pick me up, his date for the evening. He rang the doorbell. He brought me flowers and candy. He really did. He started the evening right.

My dad made a reservation at the Riverfront Restaurant, and we sat at a table overlooking a waterfall. There was a balloon tied to my chair; there was a rose at my place setting.

Because that's my dad.

We spent an evening continuing the ongoing dialogue of my childhood: what is most important to you? Who do you know that you are? Let's talk about those things, remember what rests at your core, and take those pillars with you into your next life stage. He talked about the concepts of purity, of maintaining myself and my values for my husband.

And my dad gave me a ring. My promise ring. The gift forever symbolized this "first date," the reminders of who I know I am, what is most important to me, and the pillars of my values. I promised to wear it faithfully, to remind myself every day.

We finished the evening with a walk on the boardwalk, and my dad said, "I want you to remember this night. And anyone who takes you out on a date? Make sure he does this for you."

"Oh, Dad. No high school boys do stuff like this. They can't afford this restaurant, silly."

And his response was pretty defining: "Tricia, I don't care if he takes you to McDonald's and bowling. It's not about where you go. But he must treat you well. You are worth this."

Five years later, Robb entered my life. And in a whirlwind romance, he knew quickly that I was the one he wanted. He asked my dad for my hand in marriage, and he asked my dad to paint every detail of that "first date."

And then, Robb recreated the evening.

Same table, overlooking the waterfall. The exact same chair. A balloon was tied to my chair; a rose awaited me at my place setting.

And on our stroll on the boardwalk after dinner, Robb gave me a diamond ring. He knelt on one knee. He asked me to make him the happiest man in the world. He asked me to marry him.

I said yes. :)

He moved my promise ring to another finger, and he replaced it with his forever promise to me. I promised to wear it faithfully, to remember every day.

With his every action, he said, You are worth this.

Because that's the man I married.

(I love that story. And I really loved to hear him tell it.)


my3boys said...

Oh my heck! I LOVE this story too! Thank you for sharing it! (And if your mom would share, how does a mom do this in reverse with a boy...or three?)

thewonderfulhappens said...

What an awesome dad you have!!! And how amazing that Robb recreated the entire evening. Great story!

mombish said...

At first when I read this I wanted to cry and I thought no, this is a moment that requires celebration. I have a granddaughter and I want for her to have that kind of experience. What awesome men you have had and still do in your life. Your sons will be these kind of men as you pass down these kind of stories.

Penny said...

You were blessed with two amazing men in your life~ and two more coming up. What a lovely story. :)

Cristi said...

OK that made me bawl! Just sayin.

DenverSop said...

That's awesome!! Way to go, Robb!

Melody said...

I've always loved that story.
(and happy anniversary dear one)

the4j's said...

What a sweet story and great memory.
Thanks for sharing.....again!

claire_rymer said...

You are cherished, dear friend, and you are so worth it.

Much love.

Terry said...

dear tricia....right after i read your posts, i aways read the comments and penny couldn't of said it better and i agree with her...you are a very blessed lady tricia!
you are a ray of sunshine!!.....love terry

Julie said...

Beautiful story!

Dawn said...

Gave me goose bumps and brought tears o my eyes. What great men you have been blessed with!

Kathleen said...

I LOVE this story!
I know it influenced my dad for my sixteenth birthday, which in turn played a role in my engagement :)

Challise said...

Thanks for sharing! I have boys...so I asked them read your story and to look for this kind of gal; someone who is of great worth! Happy Anniversary.

Mrs. MK said...

What a story! Thank you for sharing.

Marie said...

Beautiful story! Robb really loved you! That's a story you'll have to tell your boys some day.

Honeycutt Family said...

I have total chillbumps. Such a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing (always)...

Majorsfam said...

Tricia! WOW! I remember, as if it was yesterday, you standing before a group of young ladies at church. I listened carefully to your words, to your sweet voice. I'll never forget this one thing you said; "Guard every kiss". I have never forgotten that, even when I was wasting kisses and not guarding my heart. The words rang through my head. See, I haven't always walked so close with the Lord. I'm doing all I can to train up my children and to teach them to guard every kiss! My almost 5 year old daughter wants to save her first kiss for her husband, and she hears me speak your words quite often. I know because I know because I know that you guarded your heart for Robb. I know because I know!!!!! I'm so sorry about what has happened. I have read your blog here and there and cried over so many pages, before praying over you, weeping! I can't thank you enough for continuing to share the love you two have. It encourages me to never take a second with my husband for granted. I should know better.... he's a Marine and has deployed 3 times, and will definitely deploy again. Shame on me for ever taking a second for granted. Reading your thoughts has encouraged me so much and given me so much reason to change my attitude. Tricia, I love you so much, sister. I pray for you and your boys. And I look forward to dancing one day, with you, your Robb, and Jesus, among many others. THANK YOU!