Sunday, January 15, 2012

Loaded Word

I completed a registration card for Tyler.


But then they swept in with some left fielders at the bottom.

Does the child live with both parents?
If not, then with whom does the child live?
Why?  Please explain.

The child lives with one parent.
I am his mother.
My husband died one year ago.

(This was the first time I had written this sentence.)

I realized too late that such a question really only needs one answer: "Widow." 

Such a loaded word answers it all. 

There are no custody issues.
There isn't a divorce.
There was a death.
And now it's me.
He lives with me.

So many answers hidden in just one word.

1 comment:

Claire said...

Have to admit--this experience you endured made me angry. I wonder why the school needed to ask three questions and then ask for an explanation. One question would suffice: With whom does the child live?
The answer: His mother
They need no explanation as to why.
The reason is none of their business. I'm sorry that you keep getting hit with these "left field" slams.