Friday, November 9, 2007

Boy of Ecclectic Tastes

We indulged in a dinner at one of our favorite pizza restaurants this weekend. We have learned that it's wise to pack a dinner for Tucker, since we generally know his tastes and can easily prepare a dinner of his favorites from home, rather than to hope for the best from the kids' menu.

Plus, it's cheaper than paying for him. That's really the bottom line. There will come a time when we'll have to spring the five bucks to buy him a meal of his own, but until then, he gets what we pack him.

Robb packed Tucker's dinner that night, and he really "hooked him up." His little divided Tupperware bowl included all of his favorites: chicken nuggets, string cheese, grapes, and corn, and he even packed a yogurt and a jell-o. What a feast! (Yes, Tuck is a good eater, but the truth is that we like to take along lots of options, just to keep him busy so we don't have to rush through our meals.)

Tucker wasn't interested in a single bit of it. No, thanks. (He's two, remember.) He fussed and complained, unhappy with everything in front of him.

After lots of creative distractions and our best efforts to figure out what on earth to do instead, I decided to offer him a bite of my pizza. I was sure he wouldn't like it... but just when I think I know my son, he throws me a curveball.

He loved it.

He and I shared the rest of my personal Chicken Alfredo pizza. It had onions and mushrooms on it... and he gobbled it down.

Who knew?


Nicole said...

Love me some CPK! And Tucker will, kids even request it. Praise God!

Tricia said...

Good guess... but no, it was none other than the place that advertises YOUR brownies on their take-out counter!!