Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Diet Coke with... Lions?

After church on Sunday, we went to lunch at Red Robin, a family favorite. My mom and I each ordered our collective favorite beverage: diet Coke with lime.

As I was trying to interest Tucker in the many possibilities of the crayons and the children's menu, he could not focus for his insistence on signing lion. Lion, lion, lion.

As you may have read, I no longer ignore his sign language. He signs with meaning, and he had clearly seen a lion somewhere, he was sure. I looked all around, looking for a picture of a lion, tiger, or any feline, really. None.

That's when I realized it: when he heard me say "lime," he thought I said, "lion."

Yes, I'll have a diet Coke, with a lion. That's my new favorite.

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my3boys said...


I tried your new favorite and now I can't get the fur out of my mouth!!!