Friday, November 16, 2007

Hunting for Bunnies

Tucker has a new new fixation with rabbits. He loves bunnies. He looks for them everywhere we go - he even persuaded Grandma to leave her table on a lunch date, so the two of them could walk around outside the restaurant, looking for bunnies. He loves them!

One thing that's especially endearing about this little man these days is his posture when he's on the hunt... for anything. When he's looking for his juice cup, Poppa, Tyler, Mickey Mouse, or especially bunnies, he squats down, bends at the waist, and looks all over.

After he stood at the front door, asking and asking, I finally agreed to take him outside to get a closer look at any potential bunnies that might be passing by. This time, I took the camera.

Whatcha lookin' for Tuck?
(That's his sign for "bunny.")

The Hunting Pose

Note: All of these are still shots. He actually strikes a pose, and stands there, looking.
You've gotta see it. He is intense.

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