Monday, November 12, 2007

Time to Pray, Mommy.

I had a lunch date with my mom today, as we so often do.

We went through the line, with Tucker on her hip and Tyler on mine, and we get our food, beverages, and high chair. We finally settled in at our table, and I fixed Tucker up with his packed lunch... he was in the mood for it, today. Thankfully.

A few minutes into the meal, Tucker held his hands together, trying to tell me something.

It looked a little like the sign for cookie, but not quite. I said, "No, no cookies, Tuck. Not until after lunch."

Still, the sign.

Hmm. "Tuck, I'm not sure what you want, buddy."

Still, the sign.

I thought, What is he doing? He only does that when he's... praying.

"Mom, we forgot to pray. He wants us to pray."

And just like that, he took my hand in his right hand, my mom's hand in his left, and he bowed his head.

Mom prayed for our meal. "...and Lord, thank you for this two-year-old who reminds us what's most important."

Tuck happily went back to his meal, now that it had been blessed. He was probably thinking, "And you call yourselves Christians. Who's teaching who around here??"

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