Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bunny in the Christmas Tree

Our home is all decked out for Christmas - we decorate in a major way for this season. It's an explosion of wreaths, lights, and snowmen at my house. We love Christmas!

Tucker is all about the Christmas Tree. He has learned the sign for tree, and he signs it every morning as he wakes up, knowing we'll soon turn on the lights. Everyday, he stands beside the tree, signing away and saying (in his sweet little dialect), "More? More? More?" When I finally flip on the lights, he smiles, jumps up and down, and says, "Woooooaaaahhhhh!"

It's great. Gotta love the enthusiasm.

There's just one thing that puzzles him: he's pretty sure there's a live bunny somewhere in the tree. At least once a day, he exlaims, "Uh-oh!" He signs bunny, and he stands in his hunting pose, squatting before the tree, searching for the bunny.

It's pretty logical thinking, really. He has seen bunnies run underneath the trees outside. Now suddenly, he woke up to find a tree in his living room. Perhaps there's a bunny in there, too.

I used to try to explain to him that there really wasn't a bunny in there. I would promise him, no bunny, for sure.

But then I realized: there is really no rationalizing with a two-year-old. So now I just say, "Bunny? Oh, maybe. You better look." And the hunt begins.
I'm hopeful he won't ever really find a bunny in the Christmas Tree, but I'll let you know.

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