Monday, November 5, 2007

New Words!

We spent the day at the mall with Grandma today, and Tucker had a verbal explosion while we were there: 3 new words!

First, we were making our way to the food court where we were going to meet my dad for lunch. I said, "Tucker, we're going to see Poppa. Do you see Poppa? Where is he? Let's call him. Poppa! Poppa! Poppa! Can you say Poppa? Can you call him?"

I wasn't really expecting him to do it, but just like that, he said, "Bah-Bah! Bah-Bah!" And he did it again, several more times. Of course, when we actually saw Poppa, he clammed right up. But he said it many times before that, nonetheless.

Then, as he started to eat his lunch, he wanted a drink. I handed him his sippy cup of juice, and he said, "Doose." Yes! Juice! Again, just a one-time deal, but he said it. I have witnesses.

And last but not least, he wanted to trade in his entire lunch for the cookies he was just sure I had stashed away in my purse. (He was right. I had two cookies tucked away, saving them for just the right bribe.)

I was not willing to give them up yet, and I said, "You have to eat your lunch, Tuck. No cookies yet. Eat your lunch, please."

And get this: he waved his finger at me and said, "Doe!"

My mom said, "Did he just say no? I think he did. I think he just said no."

No, I'm not so sure. It may have sounded like it, but that is not a word I want him to have yet. He can embrace many, many others, but I really don't want him to get good at that one. I don't receive that as a word he says yet.

Okay, maybe he did. I suppose I have to add it to the list, even if it's not the preferred list.

I really think there are more words waiting around the corner, and I suspect we'll hear quite a bit more of that two-letter N-Word, whether I like it or not.

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