Monday, January 5, 2009

Attitude... with Charm.

A good friend, who knows me and my children oh-so-well, recently used these words to lovingly describe Tyler.

"He has attitude with charm," she said. "Attitude by itself isn't nearly as cute, but he adds in charm. And that makes it very cute."
I'm afraid she's right. A man can go a long way in life with the right combination of attitude and charm. (Too far, perhaps?) I know his kind.
That guy is the high school student who never turns in an assignment, is always late to class, earns extra credit by bringing Starbucks to his teachers, and they all report that he "doesn't work to his potential" but he is "a delight to have in class." That guy can get by on the skin of his teeth, because he has dimples and a sense of humor... and charm.

Am I raising that guy??
It's entirely possible. And sometimes, that charm even works on me. God, help us.

He's a little too adorable.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Oh boy, I believe I am raising the female version of this.

Glad to know it has a name:)