Sunday, January 18, 2009


Tucker called me Woman.

As in, "Come on, Woman. It's time to go."

Robb occasionally uses this term, since we both think it's funny and far from appropriate in the real sense. He tossed it out there today, and Tucker jumped on it. Woman, woman, woman. He loved the sound of it.

Um, not so much. He was quickly corrected by his father (while I stood upstairs and laughed, out of sight or reach). It was so funny to me, but maybe that is only true because Robb gave it the Kybosh right away. It's definitely not okay for Tuck to have this word in his vocabulary, in reference to me.

My brother tried this for a brief season, after his youth pastor pointed out that it's really very biblical; Jesus himself called Mary 'woman.' As we drove home from church, my brother said, "Woman, what's for lunch today?"

(It didn't fly with my mom, either.)

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