Tuesday, January 13, 2009


There is this place, on our daily drive, where suddenly the buildings clear and the trees step aside, and the Rocky Mountains stretch from left to right. It's panoramic, and it's pretty great. I have loved it from the day we moved here, and I promised myself that I would never stop loving that moment when it all breaks free before me.

And yet, somehow, I have let myself stop noticing.

In the car today, as we drove Tuck to preschool, he noticed them. "Mommy! Look! Mountains!"

I try to remain aware of opportunities to teach my children, whether the lesson is about washing our hands, using kind words, or eating balanced meals. And in this moment, I sensed my chance to teach my little man about our Maker. (I don't always catch the moment, but this time I did.)

"You are so right, Tuck. God made those mountains. I love them too. Sometimes, I like to thank God for them."

And right then, in the backseat, Tucker said,

"Thanks, God. So beautiful. Tucker so happy. Thank you."
And on we went with our drive.
Except that I felt like I had just eavesdropped on a conversation between Tucker and God. I am not yet over the simplicity, the purity, the beauty... and may I never be. It's possible that my son's words touched the heart of God more deeply than the studies of any theologian today. Tuck just couldn't help himself. Thanks, God.
A year ago, Tuck wasn't yet talking. Today, he talked to God.
And maybe God is thinking, "You're welcome, kiddo. I made them for you."

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