Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Shoes For You.

I did it.

I sent my manuscript to a publisher. It's off. No turning back now... it's theirs for the judging. And all I can do is wait (six weeks to four months) to see what they think.

There are a million critics inside my head, all of whom are insistent that those envelopes are a waste of postage and you faithful few are the only ones interested in what I have to say in print. But thankfully, I tuned them out long enough to print and seal the envelopes.

Those voices have kept me silent for three years now, which is how long it has been since I wrote that story. Today, they didn't win. I did. Even if nothing else happens, from this day forward, I did what so many writers never, ever do. I sent it off.

And so, if you belong to the select few to whom I promised shoes and a bag if I turn 30 without doing what I just did, then I'm sorry to say, you'll have to buy your own shoes. I followed through.

Three copies, to three publishers. You heard it here first.

And someday, maybe you'll hear it somewhere else, too.


Sherie said...

Great job my friend! And how could they not absolutely love your writing!!!

my3boys said...

Woooo-hoooo! Yea, Tricia! You rock! You can do it! I've heard it's all about perseverance, but maybe you won't have to wait too long! Good luck!

Carr525 said...

That's awesome!! I love reading your blog...and I'm sure your professional writing is just as dynamite!