Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Guess It's Official.

It occurs to me: I acquired two new titles in 2008: writer and professional editor.

I actually used these words to describe myself this week, and those titles rolled off my tongue so easily... I didn't even really realize that I have truly become them. Shouldn't I have to do something more official to claim these titles? It seems like I should.

But then, I just sent a manuscript to a publisher. Of my own writing. Which implies that I am a writer.

And I have 60+ pages of editing contracts open on my desktop even as I blog, and such editing projects have made way for me to do the stay-at-home things I so often complain about. I guess it has become my profession (or one of them), which would lead one to deduce that I am a professional editor.

Interesting to me.

(Perhaps mindlessly obvious to you. But such is the path of self-discovery, so often.)

p.s. Apart from the titles (or perhaps in support of them), 2008 also became my year of the adult beverage. I learned to drink wine and coffee. It just seemed like a writer and editor should be open to such things.

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Polly said...

I think you're a writer not because you've sent a manuscript to a publisher (which was a very good idea), but because many of us love to read what you write. And you're the one who wrote it -- the writer, if you will. Voila: you, the writer. :-)