Monday, January 19, 2009

Bedtime Makes Me Crazy.

Tucker is making me crazy tonight, in his revolt against bedtime. I am so ready for him to call it a day... and yet, he is sure he must do anything but wrap it up.

He stripped his bed tonight. No covers. On the floor. Sad for him. Guess he'll be cold. (Easy for me to holdfast to that consequence, since it's sixty degrees outside. And I'll probably still cover him up again before we go to bed. But I'm certainly not taking the bait to go into that bedroom again.)

Tyler has chosen this moment to be the ray of sunshine, singing his little songs in his crib, reading books to himself, and happily waving bye-bye as I close his door.

See what a good boy I am, Mommy?
I go to sleep by myself.
Remember this tomorrow
when I bash my brother in the face with a toy.

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