Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bashful Bladder

On a recent dinner out with my parents, Tucker announced that he needed to go to the restroom, and he chose Grandma for his chaperone. The two of them scurried off to the bathroom, as we often do, since that's what you do when you're in training.

(Sometimes, instead of training him to use the potty, it feels as though he's training us to jump at his verbal commands. He says the magic word, and we run to meet his needs.)

They went into the bathroom, into the stall, and together they positioned Tucker for the task at hand. And then they waited. Nothing. Wait, wait, wait. Nothing.

Grandma said, "Do you think we should get Mommy?"

In a sigh of relief, Tucker agreed.

They got him dressed and all together, and they retrieved me from the table. Turns out, things dry up when Grandma's watching.

As we walked into the bathroom, just my boy and me, he said, "Mommy, Grandma just couldn't do it."

(I hardly think Grandma was the problem.)

1 comment:

Kerri Williams said...

And here I was thinking that there was nothing that marvelous woman couldn't do. (sigh)

Better luck next time, Tuck.