Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Tucker is playing with cars, driving and crashing them all over my aunt's living room.
As he plays, he says, "But where is the husband? Where is her husband?!
He is gone. There is no husband."
~ ~ ~
I helped Tyler with his shoes and socks, when suddenly he gasped.
"Mommy! Daddy didn't take his shoes! Do you think he needs to come back to get them?"
~ ~ ~
These little moments... there are millions of them.


Tina said...

Each time I read one of your posts, my heart breaks for you and your boys all over again. Continuing to pray for you all...

thewonderfulhappens said...

those sweet boys--so sorry they have to process this. And I know it breaks your heart exponentially. Prayers for all of you.

Mandy said...

I don't exactly know you, I don't even know the person who told me I should read your blog. I want to say that I am so sorry. I want to tell you that I do know the depth of sorrow that there are no words to describe, and I hurt for you, cry for you, and in so many ways understand you! My hope also lies in Jesus Christ. We WILL both be with our husbands again!! Love to you!

Scott said...

Tricia, I know we haven't talked in a while...but I'm inspired by the love that you had for your husband and it breaks my heart that your kids have to go through this. Two sweet kids do not deserve this and I pray that you are carried through this time. As i mentioned, my younger brother is going through the same situation as he lost his wife and has two young kids. You both are using your gift of writing and thought is such a beautiful way. You have inspired thousands and through both your tragedies I'm certain that thousands are being touched and brought closer to Him who loves us most. I praise God for your faith and devotion. But I also hate this for you.

alliepage said...

oh trisha...praying for those sweet boys. i couldn't get over how much sweet tucker looks like robb as a young boy. spitting image! such cute boys. much love to you...keep processing...keep trusting....keep believing. pray your boys find and keep your faith in Jesus.

Julie said...

I feel as if I do know you and your family. :0) I hope to meet you some day soon. I am a friend of Alli's. And have been praying for all of you since the beginning.

I am heartbroken and inspired.

Lynne said...

You don't know me at all ~ I live clear over in Illinois, but I found your blog through another friend's blog and have also been inspired by the realness of your writing; I'm taking an extra moment to appreciate every day with my husband and family a little more. Thank you and God Bless you, your sons and all your family.

Terry said...

tricia...i hope there will be millions more of these moments..what a treasure robb has left you with..these two sweet boys to love and cherish...your poor broken heart...i am praying from terry

ps...i have been reading so much of your past posts and i have to think real hard to see i can think of any two boys like young and yet so full of wisdom!
such two gifts to you from god!

Candy said...

Trisha, I became a widow suddenly 13 months ago when my precious husband went to heaven. My mother followed him less than 2 months later and my dad joined them both another 2 months after that.

When the ICU doctor came to tell me that Bob's heart suddenly stopped and they had been working on him for 10 minutes with no success, the first words out of my mouth were, "It's ok. Let him go. I KNOW where he is." Those had to be from the Holy Spirit because it was not ok at all.

I have realized that there are no answers for my "WHY???!!" questions and even if there were, they wouldn't satisfy me because I just want my husband back with me well and healthy. Yet, how could I ask him to come back after being in heaven for even 1 second? I couldn't. I know that my love would not be enough for him after experiencing the love of God in person.

This journey is very hard and the pain is way down deep in the very depths of our souls. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other just as you are doing and will continue to do.

A fellow traveler in the journey,
Candy in TN

Kathleen said...

Love you, Tricia.

Erica said...

It doesn't feel right to read your blog and not leave a comment. A friend shared your story with me. My heart breaks for you. My family is lifting you up in prayer this very moment.

A fellow Cedarville alum, Erica