Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Coupon for Everything

In today's mail I received a coupon for $100 off a tombstone.

A tombstone for a man who was cremated.

Or $200 off, in case I'd like to have my name added as well.

Also, the coupon was only valid in Ohio, just in case I'd like to have a marble/granite tombstone shipped across the country.

I'll give that some thought.

At least the whole thing made me laugh out loud. That, I can go for.


thewonderfulhappens said...

Oh, thank God for your sense of humor. How would any of us go on if we couldn't just laugh at stuff like this?

Manda said...

I was driving on the highway once and happened to find myself behind a tombstone company's delivery truck. On the rear doors of the truck was the statement, "Drive Safely. We'll happily wait for your business."
I think about that from time to time, and smile. Always portrayed as an off-color industry, here was a venue not rushing to greet my dollars.

Jenndiggy said...

My dad used to own a monument business. It was common for Mom to cut obituaries out of the paper but out of respect for the family, they waited about 3 months before mailing anything about a monument. A few days after my dad passed away, the owner of a monument business called and asked if I wanted the date cut. I took my business elsewhere. I'm glad you found it humorous, but from the standpoint of growing up around the monument business, it makes me sad that they sent you something this soon. And only valid across the country. ((hugs))