Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"I Am That Hero."

Tyler's clothing has been narrowly defined for the last 28 days. He would allow only two outfits, and one was pajamas. He welcomed only footie pajamas with a picture of Lightning McQueen, and a summer t-shirt of Buzzy Lightyear and Woody.

We had a small victory last night: he chose a new t-shirt to wear to bed.

Still tied to old habits and conversations, I actually heard myself say, "Tyler, you did such a great job putting jammies on, but silly boy, you didn't choose a pajama shirt! That's a school shirt, silly goose!"

And then I realized how ridiculous I am. Let the sweet child wear anything he wants, Tricia. He was brave to believe his world wouldn't crumble if he wore a different shirt to bed. I quickly altered my response: "Way to go, kiddo. I am super-duper proud of you. That's a great shirt to wear to bed."

I woke him this morning in time for preschool, and he said, "Oh, good. And I can wear this shirt to preschool."

And my first thought was, "But you just slept in that shirt."

And my second thought was, "God, thank you for granting him courage to believe he is brave to conquer this world in something new, albeit last night's unpajamas."

And my first words were, "You sure can, kiddo. You sure can."

Appropriately, his t-shirt says Mommy's Super Hero.

~ ~ ~

He got a Larry Boy Mobile for Christmas (two actually, one that broke on Christmas Day, and another from his doting aunt in Texas who couldn't bear for him to have a broken heart and a broken toy all in one week).

Every time he presses a certain button on Larry's mobile, Larry shouts in his distinguished voice, "I! Am! That! Hero!"

Many times I have smiled as my boys have played together, this declaration reverberating through our home.

You are, sweet boys. You are my little heroes. Strong and courageous, every single day.

~ ~ ~

At preschool today, Tyler made a paper craft that involved gluing marshmallows to a paper mug of hot chocolate. He ate the marshmallows on the way home, while the glue was still wet.

He said, "Oh, Mommy, I ate the marshmallows, and the glue was just delicious! I love glue! I must eat more of it!"

I was too numb to argue.

Mommy's little Super Hero eats glue, apparently.


Deanna said...

Whether the shirt is wrinkled from the dryer or sleeping in it overnight... no one ever need know.

thewonderfulhappens said...

Brave boys. Love them.

Ker-Bear said...

You have been such a blessing to my life recently. You have gone through this horrible experience yet you are able to see God in the smallest of things. If you are able to do that after everything you have been through the past month, I have absolutely no excuse. I love seeing how God has used you, someone who is I am sure in agony at the moment to spread hope to the world, to people you have never met, who had not heard of you before now. I personally want to thank you for being transparent and sharing your life with us it is such an honor and a blessing. God's light radiates from you for all to see, even in the darkest hours of your life you let him use you for the sake of others. You amaze me!

Terry said...

hero, eh?...well i think you are the super duper mama of two heros!