Saturday, April 2, 2011

Enter: Soccer Mom.

We've got shin guards, water bottles, soccer bags, soccer balls, and reversible jerseys. We have healthy snacks and sunscreen. We are ready for soccer.

Today was the first big game, and we started the morning with a Breakfast of Champions: Krispy Kreme. 'Cause I'm cool like that. Bring on the frosting and sprinkles. It's a big day. :)

On a team of eight children, we have two who wear the number 23, and three who wear the number 6. Ah, well. Who needs their own number, anyway?

Tuck inherited his Daddy's competitive spirit. He was here to play hard.

Tyler did not inherit this desire to win. He was pretty well done, very early on - shortly after he put on his jersey. On the drive to the field, he said, "I cry so much at practice. Coach Sarah says words I don't like. Words like, 'Come on,' and 'Run.' "

Yes, those are tough words from a loving coach. "Come on, Tyler. You can do it!" I can see why that would be hard to hear. For heaven's sake.

I bribed him with the promise of a milkshake if he would please, please join his team and play hard.

Every time I cheered for him, he ran from the field to hug me.

But I really couldn't stop. Turns out, orange jerseys and sweaty little boys bring out the die hard cheerleader in me.

At the end of the game, there was talk of the other team winning, but we really couldn't be sure. It was hardly about a score. It was time for trail mix and CapriSun drink boxes. And awards, of course.

Tyler won the award for Best Offense, since kicked the ball *three times* and *almost* made a goal! (And as he did so, my mom and I looked at each other saying, "Did you see that?! He kicked it! Three times!") Sure enough: Silver Star for him.

Tucker won the award for Best Sportsmanship, since he encouraged his teammates to keep kicking the ball in the right direction. Tricky task for preschoolers. Green star for Tuck, the sportsman.

They were sweaty, grassy, and rosy cheeked.
We each got our first sunburns of spring.
My throat hurt from cheering, and yet I continued to scream my head off.
Their daddy would have loved this day.

Well done, star players.
Milkshakes all around.


Claire said...

Precious :)

thewonderfulhappens said...

Tyler is cracking me up by saying that his coach uses words he doesn't like. A boy after my own heart.

Heidi J Johns said...

Yea, for Soccer Mom (and Soccer Boys)!

When my youngest was four and starting soccer, she didn't like those words either. Especially the "R" word. During her very first game, she stopped in the middle of the field, crossed her arms and yelled,"I hate my fam-i-ly!!!" We bribed her with a movie at Elvis, but she still spent most of the game on my lap. She made it through several seasons, but now she's way into a theater group.

Go figure! :)

Those soccer games are fun. Keep cheering on those precious boys!

Emily said...

Love this!

my3boys said...

Welcome to the ranks, Soccer Mom. And yesterday was a fabulous day for soccer, wasn't it? I was doing the Lacrosse Mom thing, but it's the same difference. :)

jenny winstead said...

your boys are adorable!