Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two Mindsets

"Good morning, guys. Hey, sleepyheads... good morning to you."

I whisper to them as I wake them, and I raise the blinds an inch to gently let the sunshine in.

"Hey. Hey, you two. Handsome ones. Good morning. It's Thursday. That's an important day. Time to wake up."

They rub their eyes, thinking, yawning, stretching.

"Today you have preschool, then lunch, then swimming, then soccer. And that is a big day."

Tucker bolted upright on his top bunk.

"Soccer? Today is soccer?! I'm late for soccer! I'm late!" Instantly, he began climbing down the ladder, ready to put on his jersey and head out the door. The boy loves soccer.

"No, kiddo, you're not late. It's not a game day. You have practice tonight."

Tyler furrowed his brow and groaned. "Soccer practice? We have to start that all over again?"

Two different mindsets.

I'm pretty sure I'm raising an athlete and an artist.


Emily Kaye said...

I am a "Tyler." Sports just weren't my thing...give me a book, or a a choir to sing with or a stage to act on, but leave the sports for my "Tucker" friends. :-)

Lisa said...

I got home from soccer today and decided to catch up with my favorite bloggers... So of course, this was one of my first stops. I found it ironic that I saw this and your previous post today... I sat in front of you at the soccer game. My son played your boys' team. I wanted to say hi or something, but I just felt I should leave you to be soccer mom (you're a great one btw). You're right... you definitely have at least one athlete on your hands!