Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pleased To Meet You

"Hi, Tricia? I hope you don't think I'm stalking you... I know you don't know me. I just wanted to say..."

"Excuse me, ma'am, I just need to introduce myself. I recognized you from across the restaurant. I read your blog. I'm an oncology nurse; all the patients on my floor read your blog, too."

"Hi... are you Tricia? Oh, I knew it. I just wanted to say..."

I am truly honored by these conversations. People who are reading, listening, thinking, feeling, and praying for us. People who feel compelled to say so.

It's a humbling honor. Truly.

In case you see me, and in case you'd like to say hello, please do.

I'd love to meet you.


my3boys said...

You, my friend, are becoming a famous author. (I will forever gloat that, "I KNEW it!" Is that a sin? The gloating? Not at your success, but at my predicting it.)

laurelmckenzie said...

Ok. I have to say hi now. I've been reading your blog and have gained so much inspiration from you. My BFF and I have debated about saying something to you - you don't know us - so hey...this one made me. You're an amazingly strong woman and I'm very happy that we have you as a Mother in this world to raise the next generation! Thank you for sharing your soul as you do. I'm left in awe after most readings...and reminded how important it is to cout my blessings in all that I have...and to take time for the small things. Thank you. Next time I visit my BFF in Colorada Springs, I want to buy you a coffee (I'm in SoCal).

-Laurel McKenzie

Kathi said...

I was blessed to SEE you today! Prayerfully yours...!

Janeen said...

I'd LOVE to meet you - an hour or so at Starbucks...oh yeah! One more thing to love about Colorado, but alas, I'm elsewhere.

Not sure how I've been reading for more than three weeks before I remembered something about 'Memory Bears'... but, anyway. You might want to look into it - here's the first link I found, but you'll want to shop, you may even find patterns to make your own.

Blessings to you & the boys - I've thoroughly enjoyed our evening together, going over 2007 & 2008. Keep writing, keep standing strong, and oh yeah - scratch all you need to (yup, I've been reading those too).

About that Starbucks - can I bring my friend? You and she (with 3 girls) would hit it off great, I just know it!

deann said...

Hello from Tennessee! I have been reading your posts since mid December. I wanted to let you know how much this blog has blessed me. I had been stuck in grief since my mother passed away from cancer in '09. This pain took the formation of continous panic attacks. Although our losses are different I am uplifted and encouraged by your words and God's grace that is revealed in them... even when you speak of the raw pain. Knowing that the Lord carries you through each day reminds me that He will do this for all his children. Blessings to you in Christ Jesus.