Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three Variations on a Soccer Game

First, there is Tyler's perspective. A strong kick to start the game.

And then he sulked onto the field, annoyed that anyone had asked him to participate. No thanks.

"Tyler, Coach Sarah needs you to play. You have two choices: do you want to play with your team, or do you want to cheer for them from the bench?"

"I'll cheer from the bench."

Well, okay. Love and Logic at its finest. Your choice, kiddo.

Don't feel sorry for this little soccer player.
He truly was happiest when nobody asked him to run.

My personal favorite of his finest moments...

Ever the artist, my boy.

And then there was Tucker's take on the game: Here. To. Win.

This athlete scored Three Goals for the Leopards, and he even did a little jig as he danced away from the goal. (This excessive celebrating could earn him a yellow card later in his soccer career, but for now, live it up, kiddo.)

He rocked it. Totally.

And then there's my perspective on this Saturday morning soccer game.

My cheering got a little out of control.

So much so that Tucker came running to the sideline,
grabbed my shoulders,
and said,
"Hey, Mommy? Shh."

Oh. Sorry about that, kiddo. I got a little carried away.

Soccer moms gotta keep their cool, I'm learning.
And we also shouldn't way words like 'charming uniforms' and 'oopsie daisy.'
I'm learning my role.

It was one great morning.
My little soccer players.

I don't know how it all works, but I really hope Robb got to watch.


Publisher said...

Soccer Mom thing aside, Tricia (I never did get all those signals down right, in fact, I'm still failing that test) but... the toenails are exquisite! We soccer moms have to stick together... whether we get the cheers down or not, we have to look good on the field!

Publisher said...

Ooops - pro-account -- Publisher is me, Jan Verhoeff. :)

Jaimie said...

You are beautiful.