Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sensitive Questions

As we walked out of Costco today, I handed my receipt to the kind man at the door: The one who checks to make sure I haven't stolen any items in bulk, draws a line through the list of items on the front of the slip, and doodles a happy face on the back.

It's the standard exit procedure.

This time, Tucker said, "Why do you not have any hair on your head?"

Oh, dear. This could go one of two ways.

Either the man is sensitive about his baldness, and we've just crossed a delicate line and into awkward territory.

Or he's prepared to answer a curious little boy with innocent (albeit personal) questions.

As he handed me my receipt, he made direct eye contact with Tuck. He said, "I'll tell you what, kiddo. When you're in the shower, just be sure the bottle says Shampoo. Not Nair."

He winked at me. Adult humor in the presence of preschoolers.

Well played, kind man. You impress me.

(And bless me.)


Lisa Amoroso-Johnson said...


chris said...

My dad used to tell my sister that my mom pulled his hair out when she would ask why he had no hair on the top of his head. She was quite angry about that answer. Mr. Costco had a much better response!

Kathryn said...

sorry, that was Kathryn!