Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Always A Parent

When we stayed in Ohio for Thanksgiving, we became a veritable bed and breakfast, overflowing with cousins, aunts, and uncles.  My parents, the boys, and I took over the downstairs rooms, sprawling across a futon, a couch, and a pull-out sofa.  We were lined up like a slumber party.

We all do a lot of things in our sleep, we learned.  We gave each other a report each morning.

My children wander to find me.  They are very momcentric, especially in their sleep.

I stroke my own arms like I'm playing the violin.  (This is news to me.)

My dad, a therapist by profession, gives thorough lectures - complete with extensive vocabulary and nearly everything except PowerPoint.  "We all want to live exquisite lives," he tells us in his sleep. 

Indeed we do, Dad. 

In the midst of his midnight ramblings, he said with crystal clarity, "How are you feeling today, Tricia?"

I sat up from my side of the room. 

"I'm okay, Dad."

My mom said, "It's okay, honey.  He's sleeping."

My sweet dad.  In the midst of the sleeping work day and the lectures he's conducting in his dreams, his emerging thought is, "How is my girl?"

Once a parent, always a parent.  Even in slumber.


Elisabeth said...

I wish there was a "like" button for the posts like this :) This is super sweet.

Janeen said...

how precious... and what a blessing to know that before you were even born, God provided someone who by profession could understand the valley you would one day walk through... I see that as being too cool - but, I also know that God does that, more often than we notice...

Sarah Dell said...

I love this. And I love how your dad loves you. It makes me love my dad even more.

Anne Bosworth said...

I agree...this post needs a "Super Like" button.

Majorsfam said...

Your parents have always struck me as sincere, genuine, and lovin beyond what is natural. Your mom's eyes SCREAM "I LOVE YOU" when she just looks at you or your brother. Your dad's smile always grew a little when he saw you; especially while you giggled at your brother's jokes and antics! I'm not at all surprised to hear of this middle of the night care for his princess. Strangers can even see it.... you are his precious ruby!

Mrs. MK said...


I am praying, more frequently than every, for you and your entire family these next few days. May those who are near to you be God's special agents of mercy...