Monday, December 5, 2011

Planting Seeds for their Wives

The boys and I began our Saturday morning by removing a hair clog from my bath tub.  We're talking serious family fun, right there.  I earned some significant points for the gross factor and my cartoonish, monstrous sounds as it emerged.

Buzz Lightyear even came to watch.  Then he needed to spend the day on the couch to recover, Tyler explained. 

The boys thought I was doing them some great favor by letting them watch. 

The truth is, they will be husbands someday.  And it will be great if they enter marriage with the notion that this task is exceedingly cool.


Angie said...

Could you let Dave watch you the next time, so he too can learn how cool it is?

Penny said...

Your boys are so funny! and your future daughter-in-law will love you! :)