Friday, December 9, 2011

Best Christmas Pageants Ever

The boys are pros at the Christmas Pageant scene.  

Two years ago, we had a cow and a (self proclaimed) pig.  Tyler wasn't really in the pageant at age two, but he was convinced he should be.  He even stepped up to the microphone afterward and said, "Merry Christmas.  I'm Tyler.  I'm a pig."

Last year, we had a 'shepherd' and a 'long road.'  

Tuck was so delighted to see his daddy sitting with me in the second row - he cried when he saw Robb.  "My Daddy!"  It was the first time I saw my son cry tears of joy.  Robb scooped him up and said, "Of course I'm here, buddy.  Of course I'm here."

This year, I cheered for the wiseman.  He delivered his line flawlessly.


That's sacred space, next to those Christmas trees.

Well done, little wise men.
It's not just a role to play.
You are my heart's joy.


Jaimie said...

Tyler's gonna be so handsome! What a cute face!

Penny said...

That is the best looking wiseman I've ever seen! Beautiful boys, Tricia~ and beautiful parents. :)

thewonderfulhappens said...

I love that you re-created the picture from last year.