Friday, December 30, 2011

Lace Up Those Skates

Let me let you in on a family secret:
My dad taught me to rollerskate when I was five,
and he taught me the magic words that keep you from falling.

Hibbidy.  Hobbidy.  Hoobidy.

If you say those three words, you won't fall.
It's true.
And it works on ice skates, too.
By the end of the day, the boys were teaching this trick to other little skaters.  
Moms were saying to me, "What are those magic words again?"


"You guys are doing a good job getting back up again..."

They are old enough to remember the first time they went ice skating.  
Someday, they will know we did this on December 23, 2011,
on that first anniversary.

A lump caught in my throat as I was lacing Tucker's skates.

"Mommy, why are you crying?  Oh, wait... I know. I just forgot for one second.  
Mommy, just for one second.  I know you miss daddy.  I know you do."
Someday they will fathom how much I love them.

"Girl, you are hard-core determined to make room for joy in your life." 
~ my friend, Melanie O.

(Indeed, I am.)


Kiki said...

What FUN!

Peter and Kim said...

I couldn't hear all you said on the video clip, but I did hear the words, "getting up again." Simple, yet profound, coming from you. The analogy wasn't lost on me....Doesn't that speak of where you are right now? Some days it's holding on for dear life to the railing, other days ii's gliding flawlessly across the ice. I pray with each passing day it's easier and easier to glide freely without even whispering to yourself, "Hibbidy. Hobbidy. Hoobidy."
Phil 4:13 ~Kim A.

Patty Kline said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Miss Mary Beth said...

My co-teacher told me I should check out your blog. Oh my, how much we have in common. Different in some ways, but very much alike in others. Our most common link is our Savior. I noticed Kim A. mentioned Phil 4:13, which is my life verse. You, Tricia, are one amazing woman and you and your boys are so beautiful. This year, you might want to write this scripture on one of your walls in your house as I did this past year. "The Joy of the Lord is my Strength: Nehemiah 8:10. Thanks for sharing your ice skating adventure and you life. Happy New Year. Mary Beth

Claire said...

What a smile--that joy only comes from God!

Penny said...

Beautiful! You are giving them new memories~ and showing them what an overcoming lady looks like. :)