Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Nothing Everything

"Did you know Jesus was born in a hay house?"

"Yes, and the word for that is 'stable.'"

"Because there was no room at the hotel.  No room at the inside."

"No room at the inn, yes."

"I just made a hay house with my cheese."

"Mary and Joseph rode in their car.  For real."

"Well, they didn't have cars yet.  Do you know how they got there?"

"On a horse.  Or a goat."

"Or, a donkey."

"Katie is Mary in the Christmas Pageant.  Charlotte is the star."

"Do I have to eat one bite of chicken or two?"

"You can choose: one big or two small."

"We were playing batman.  Tucker was the daddy and I was the baby."

"Except it's almost Christmas, so the daddy will die soon."

We flit in and out of these conversations: the nothing and the everything.


Jaimie said...

Stuff like this reminds me of how children dealt with the Holocaust. Life can be hellish enough, but to see children face it with a stoicism we sometimes manifest but more rarely believe, that's its own horror.

Mark and Amy said...

As you continue to heal through your grief and find the strength to get up each day, can impose on you to pray for a family that has been stricken with a tragic death just this week?
I live in North Mississippi and a young coach lost his wife to a shooting Monday evening. They have a young daughter about 3 years old. Coach Price left the hospital with a bullet still in his shoulder so he can be with his family.
The circumstances, though different from yours, the grief will bear just as heavy.
Thank you,

Mrs. MK said...

shivers of pain for these words. I am so sorry.

Janet said...

I know it can only be the grace of God that enables you to bear the innocent words of your son that must stab you with pain. Praying that Grace and Love will envelop you during this season. (Will pray for the coach, too, Amy.)

Laura said...

I love you Tricia. And Tuck and Tyler too.