Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Under the Wise Man's Robes

Our mornings are scattered and frenzied, so when the boys opted to flip-flop the routine, I wasn't opposed.  We're not exactly a well-oiled machine around here, so maybe an upturned schedule is what we need to make it out the door without mutual frustration.  Maybe they're on to something.

Usually they must get dressed before they come down the stairs, but today we decided to start with breakfast.  I laid out clothes on the coffee table, flipped the TV on to Dinosaur Train, set the timer to guide them, and reminded them to get dressed as soon as they finished their PopTarts and hot cocoa.  The guideline: "Please be dressed by the time I come back downstairs."

Right.  Sometimes my optimism gets the best of me. 

It didn't happen that way.  By the time I learned my lesson, we were running behind without time to recover.  One thing remained consistent: I watched the clock and called out reminders and pulled out my hair and scooted them out the door.

I have read "there is no grace in hurrying."  And yet I cannot seem to get my children to school without a large measure of both.

When Tyler and I arrived at his morning PreK, the classroom was dark.  Oh, that's right: today is the dress rehearsal for Wednesday morning's Christmas pageant.  We hung his coat in his cubby and put his boots on the shelf - that's when I realized he wasn't wearing any socks. 

(It's two degrees in Denver today, and my son isn't wearing socks.  I did not authorize this.)

With bare feet inside his shoes, we scuttled off to the auditorium.  We found his classmates in the dressing room, an environment of controlled chaos as they all put on their costumes. The room abounded with cows, sheep, angels, and chickens.

Tyler found his costume: he is a wise man, complete with velvet robes; a braided, golden belt; and a bejeweled crown.  As I helped him transform into the Magi, I learned that the missing socks were the least of our problem. 

One wise man is commando this morning.  (I did not authorize this.)

Tomorrow, we return to our regularly scheduled morning programming.  Frenzied though it is, everyone makes it out the door wearing underwear.  Generally.


Gwen said...

Oh wow - that made me laugh outloud! I remember years ago, my little sister forgot her panties, and it wasn't realized until church was almost over when she climbed up on mom's lap. Kids ! :)

tanyasz said...

Omigosh. I laughed out loud. Not AT you of course, but in remembrance of all of those similar happenings when my kids were little. So frustrating at the time, but so funny years later. ;-)

bearie1 said...

LOL! Thanks for sharing. Hope tomorrow is smoother.

Donna said...


Leash said...

That story made me burst out in laughter! Thank you for sharing this.

Janeen said...

well, um, at least he's not called on to wear a kilt (this time). Oh, how precious, these little unexpected moments!!

Claire said...

Perhaps he was just being authentic; I mean, really, do we honestly know if the Wise Men wore Jockeys? (now isn't that a vision--commando wise men)

Janet said...

Laughing here, too.

I clearly remember my dad slamming the brakes on and turning the car around one Sunday morning about 53 years ago. I was 4, and was wearing one of those puffy little dresses that were the style in the 50's. A girl's normal attire for church back then included black patent leather shoes, long socks pulled to the knees, a hat and gloves, and of course a dress AND PANTIES. My mother was calling out a checklist and making sure my sister and I had done as we were told. Something prompted her to ask, "Did you remember...?"

And no, I didn't. :D

Candice said...

Today you made me smile! My 4 yr old begs me to go to school in her "naked feet". I strongly urge her to wear socks and shoes.. since here in Northern Utah it's 2 degrees this morning!

LisaAnn said...

We have had many morning like that too lol. One suggestion that has worked very well for us is no tv when we are getting ready to go somewhere. It is soooo easy to lose track of time and focus when it is on.


dkeaquinto said...

I LOVE this story!! It's always nice to hear that I'm not the only mom who has those "unauthorized" moments! :)