Friday, December 16, 2011

One Week Left

Dear Me on this day in 2010, 

You have one week left with him.  
Soak it up.  
Breathe him in.  
Study everything.  
Remember, remember, remember.  
And go on that morning coffee date.  

With love and sadness, 

The Changed You in 2011


Claire said...

I not surprised that you signed it "The Changed You 2011" and not "The Changed Me 2011".
I still want to hold this experience away from your heart...

Janet said...

Your writing makes me slow down and remember the details of my life, because I am more aware that it could all change in an instant. Thank you for the gift you have given your readers - the gift of wisdom, the turn of a word that takes our breath away.

Praying for you this week.

Melissa said...

I hope you feel how bathed in prayer you will be in the coming week and after. You are dearly, dearly loved, precious Tricia.

Cristi said...

Today I am breathing them in, studying them, remembering them, and going on that date. Thanks