Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Listen (...again).

It has been a year since I said these words, spoke them to an audience of hundreds, with my wedding handkerchief in my hand and my brother at my side. 

As I listen, I feel like it's someone else talking.  Who is that girl?

It's good for me to listen again.
To hear my voice,
to hear the scripture,
to hear the poetry,
to hear the truth.

Perhaps you heard this a year ago.
Or perhaps we have met since then.

I invite you to listen (...again).


Claire said...

I'm so glad you posted this again as I missed it the first time. What a testament to the Lord and now, year later, we see how you spoke His truth that day. And therein lies your victory. You not only feel victorious, you *are* victorious!

On the anniversary of Robb's death we honored his memory with a meal made from his recipe of beef stroganoff (that you had posted sometime in the past year) and lifted a prayer of grateful praise and thankfulness for his life.

And so I raise that same prayer for you and your life, for your writing that shares His wisdom and love--regardless of where our paths of betrothal lead us. Blessings as you anticipate God's faithful presence with you in 2012 and the excitement of grad school beginning :)

Ladonna said...

I have no words, but someone out here was touched, again, by your words.

Shirley said...

Amazing, Tricia. Amazing what God has done in your life and in the lives of those who lived with you and through your writing this year. Thank you for sharing.You have blessed me and so many others. Thank you. Shirley
Is the poem Betrothed posted on the blog? I will search for it.

Ladonna said...

I have no words, but someone out here is touched by your words, again.

Kelly Hickman said...

My first time to hear your words... but I have read your story as it's unfolded since last January. Thanks for sharing these sacred words with me.

Peter and Kim said...

Wow, thank you for sharing those words of strength and truth.
I am one of those who has come to know you since you first spoke these words. You have given me a rare first learn to know you and watch your journey in this momentous year through your blog and now to listen back to where you were then. (What a sweet voice you have--calm and strong) You have truly "fleshed out" those words of trust in the Lord--the words at Robb's funeral were not just empty words--you have lived them! I loved how you said you know both where your husband is and where your hope is---the same place---with Jesus Christ. Selah.
Your sister in Christ,
Kim A. (from PA)

Jaimie said...

I'm so glad you put this up. I missed it the first time.

You have a gift like one of those great writers because after listening to your words I feel like I know you. You are brilliant, in the "shiny" as well as "smart" sense of the word, and it's awesome.

Patty Kline said...

Oh my. That's so good, Tricia. So good. I am crying. Thank you for posting this again. Your words, and your heart, touch me and teach me so much. I just love you!